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Internal audits & management assurance

If you feel that your internal auditors are bent on tearing apart your processes and to embarrass your people who do the ‘real work’ or if you see them as a lot who continue to ‘pierce the wounded after the battle is over’ or if you see them serving as distractions for your management from their important responsibilities, then it is time to find real solutions for your business requirements. Read more

accounting advisory

Assessment of internal financial controls (IFCs/IFCR in India, SOX, J-SOX, C-SOX, SOC1) and SOC2 & 3

Are you worried about the plethora of regulatory compliance relating to the assessment of your IFCs?

Contact our experts who can make your life simpler by developing specific practical solutions for your directors, independent directors, audit committees, management and CFO. Read more

enterprise wide risk management

Enterprise wide risk management

accounting advisory

Forensic & investigative services

If you feel that a rat could be feeding your business, you are probably correct.

Our forensic solutions, which seek to sniff out the rat/s from their inconspicuous hideouts before they eat away the aspirations of your stakeholders. Read more

accounting advisory

Research services (primary & secondary)

Although the fundamental principles of effective research are similar to those for effectiveness in any other part of life, it does not mean that these are common practice, nor does it mean that they’re easy to internalize. Read more

accounting advisory

Human resource advisory (including recruitments)

Do your auditors adhere to archaic standards while addressing the vital financial reporting functions?

If you want your human resource function to seize every opportunity to be its own proponent in providing greater education on the value of its offerings, we can provide assistance that will enable you stay ahead of the curve. Read more